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Dua To Call Someone Back
Dua To Call Someone Back

Dua To Call Someone Back

Dua To Call Someone Back, Marriages last just if two people involved in it are being good. Even if one loses interest in the relationship, both have to suffer the burden of a failed relationship.

Usually, it’s the man who ends the marriage over a wave of momentary anger or whim. For men, relationships are not above their personal ego. In woman’s case, however, there is nothing above relationship. So, when a man leaves a woman, it completely shatters the woman.

The husband loses interest in the marriage. But the social and family pressure is so much that few individuals dare to challenge. Often the husband feels trapped in such a case.

Therefore, to find a way out, Husband would find fault in the relationship, even when you have done nothing wrong. Basically, he does so to justify the unfair actions. You may wonder why anything you do or say leads to a fight. But it’s not you. The truth is that your husband is feeling trapped and wants to get out.

Dua To Call Someone Back
Dua To Call Someone Back

Whether your husband has left you temporarily or permanently. No matter how angry and disappointed your husband may be. You can always restore the health of your relationship, by using the dua to call someone back. All you must do is be sincere and honest in your approach. Allah will take care of the remaining of your journey. As long as the husband is a good soul, you can use the dua to call someone back.

Many times, individuals lose their way and get lost. But Allah has a devised a way to get these people back on the track. So, you don’t need to do anything, other than trusting Allah. He who has created the world knows how to fix it.

He can also fix your relationship. But to get in Allah’s grace, you must be deserving of his love. You must have strong faith in Allah and his ways. You must be performing all the daily obligatory prayers without missing. And, most importantly, you must be living a pure and sincere life, nursing no ill thoughts or feelings towards anyone.


To win back your partner’s love, do the following ritual for 7 consecutive days. It is important that during this ritual, one should refrain from all sort of vices, including alcohol and non-veg.

  1. Always, do a proper wuzu before starting with the dua to call someone back.
  2. Keep your partner’s photo in front of you.
  3. Start by chanting verses from Durood-e-Shareef, 3 times.
  4. Then recite the following dua to call someone back, 3 times –





watakoonu-ljibaalukal ‘ihni-lmanfooshi

fa amma man saqulatmawaazeenuhu

fahuwa fee ‘eeshatinr-raadiyaah

waamma man khaffatmawazeenuhu

fa ummuhuhaawiyaah

wamaadraka ma hiyah

naarun ’haamiyah

  1. Finally, chant the verses from Durood-e-Shareef, again thrice.
  2. Then blow on your partner’s photo, 3 times. Each time pledge your devotion to Allah and ask for Allah’s blessings.

Additionally, you must recite Quranic surahs, such as Surah NahlAyat (verse 98), AyatulKursi (verse 255), Hadis-e-Kisa and Dua-e-Noor. These holy surahs are part of the extended dua to call someone back. You must recite these duas daily whenever and wherever possible.

Dua to get someone back in your life

Do not get dejected if you don’t get results right away. Each case is different. Sometimes, the dua to get someone back in your life may show results within months instead of within week Often, there’s more damage to repair.

If need be, you must consult the local Moulvi and discuss your situation openly. The  Moulvi will suggest you of ways, you can achieve your goals. You can also consult the Islamic Astrologer for a more advanced dua to get someone back in your life.

Most times, the relationship is damaged beyond a point of repair. But as long as there once was love in a relationship, dua to call someone back will definitely work. The Astrologer will just provide a more effective solution, based on your specific situation.

For certain severe cases, the Astrologers have even suggested using Taveez using the inside of a dark room. The process involves, writing your partner’s name on a Taveez. Create 75 such Taveez, bearing your partner’s name.

Toss, 12 of these Taveez in the local river. Place 21 Taveez in the place of fire as in the Kitchen gas section. Then hang 21 of the remaining Taveez on a tree on the highest branch. Keep the last remaining 21 Taveez, under high weight, inside a dark room. You can do this Taveez approach in addition to the dua to call someone back for faster result,

If you are a devoutly religious individual and honest soul, you will receive Allah’s blessing. Allah favors those who perform the dua to call someone back, sincerely. Your partner will return to you and no one can ever take your partner away from you.

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