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Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation
Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation

Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation

Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation can be use for positive thinking and for removing negative thoughts. You can also use our dua to get rid of dirty thoughts for quick result within some time.

Thoughts are one of the main factors of human. With the help of ideas, humans try to put in place it in real life. Thoughts are also known as dreams.

But the designs which we see from open eyes, or while doing any work, or thinking about them while sitting ideal, are also known as daydreaming. Our thoughts describe us, what we are thinking in our thoughts, describe our personality.

Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation
Dua For Avoiding Bad Thoughts And Temptation

You may hear people saying- your thoughts describes your personality. Yes, it is true, things which about related to us, compared to our desires, wishes, hopes, prayers, it shows what the characteristics you have are.

If a person has thoughts of becoming a doctor, it means he or she is a career-oriented person. If a person has feelings of killing someone or hurt any other human, it means that person has a personality of a murderer or criminal.

We all have different thoughts, different perspectives; some of them minded; so, some of them are narrow-minded. Apart from such people, there comes another category who has a different level of thoughts. It is known as evil thoughts or temptations.

This kind of ideas and attractions arise in men. As we all know about them, they always get tempted by a beautiful woman and start thinking about her in their evil thoughts. Not only men, but nowadays, many women also behave in such a manner.

Dua For Positive Thinking

Dua For Positive Thinking, Positive thoughts come when the positivity surrounds a person. Yes, first you have to surround yourself with the positive vibes. You will think about positive thoughts your ambiance surrounded by positive vibes, positive views, narrow minds, career-oriented persons, positive humans. You can get positivity in yourself.

It is difficult to think about something positive because nowadays, worst to worst cases are happening with every other human. May Allah protect us from such worst happenings. As there as a phase- “Be Positive,” which means a person should always to stay positive in bad times.

Your negative thoughts will not help you in your bad times; even it makes your time more worst. Try to think about positive in your bad times because only your positivity can make your worst time shorter than the average.

  • How to get positivity?

Well, it the most challenging aspect which is not easy to find in humans. Because we can think about negative things at the time of incidents before thinking about some positive aspects, it is human nature. But to rid off negative thoughts.

Dua For Removing Negative Thoughts

Dua For Removing Negative Thoughts, Keep your focus on goals, surround yourself with good and positive people, do all five times prayer in a day, visit mosque or dargah at least once in a weak. Recite dua in a day to keep all the negative thoughts away from you.

  1. LaaIlaahaa Illa Allah
  2. Elham DouleLlaahiRab El 3al Ameen
  3. Dua For Removing Negative Thoughts

Negativity, this is the only thing which we all have inside us accept innocent and good people too. It is an unknown factor in human, and it can arise anytime, even in innocent and good people.

It can turn a right and honest person into a devil. Nowadays there are almost few people remain with the quality of goodness, kindness, innocence in them. Otherwise, most of the humans almost become evil.

We always blame terrorist; they are the worst creatures which exist on this earth. They must kill down by our defense services. But do you ever think, they are the only evil persons who live on this earth? Then our answer must be same,

No- A big no. They all are same as us before becoming a terrorist. It means we all have a terrorist inside us whom we need to kill not by which whom we can kill others.

We all have that negative aspect in us; no one knows when we also become a terrorist. Criminals also kill people, do theft, stealing, rape, etc. Isn’t they count in terrorist too? Why we give them the name of criminals instead of terrorist, they also deserve to call as a terrorist.

  • How to kill terrorist inside us?

As we already told you, there are very fewer people who remain who are kind and innocent, why we are not increasing their number. It is effortless to do read the Quran, do five times prayer, practice Islam, learn Arabic, surround yourself with positivity, don’t think negative.

We will tell you a dua by which you won’t be able to think negative

  • Read dua:

Billaahis Samiil Alimii Minaash Shaitan IrRajim.

Dua To Get Rid Of Dirty Thoughts

Dua To Get Rid Of Dirty Thoughts, Dirty thoughts- what does it mean? It means to think about whether a man or a woman or. Humans are one of the lusty creatures which exist on this earth, or you can say the only hearty creatures.

Because as we all know, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water animals, and other creatures know, what is the mating time and when.

But humans do not know such things they may have more IQ, mind, senses in them even they are aware of this fact. They always try to keep ignoring such fact. Due to such desires of humans, many innocents face problems which cause death, lifetime pain, emotional torcher, emotional wounds.

In their lust, they harm others who don’t deserve such things, the other name of such harm is rape, sexual harassment. It considered as unlawful in our society, and it is in actual because no one has the right of another human’s body. But many people don’t rape they thinking about dirty thoughts, temptations in their minds and thoughts.

They keep kneading dirty or lusty thoughts in their mind when they see beautiful women or handsome men. Every day we see such beautiful persons, whom we can get attract as it is human nature. But it doesn’t mean we start thinking about them in a dirty manner.

  • How to remove lusty thoughts? 

Recite dua

AllahuummaaInneeAudhuBiikaMiinSharrii Sami Waa MiinSharriiBasari, Waa MiinSharriiLisaanii, Waa MiinSharriiQalbii Waa MiinSharriiManiyii.

Dua To Make Someone Change Their Mind

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