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Dua For A Righteous Child
Dua For A Righteous Child

Dua For A Righteous Child

Dua For A Righteous Child or to request allah for a pious child can be use to make your child obedient. For Perfect result you can use dua for disobedient son.

Getting a righteous child is the dream of every parent. But, it remains a dream to many of the parents who get nothing but a stubborn child in the end. But, if you have got a stubborn child, that does not mean you cannot change their attitude.

Dua For A Righteous Child
Dua For A Righteous Child

There is always a way out of such circumstances. For this, you got to know the best remedies to save your time. Finding the best solution could be challenging if you have been taking every measure.

Therefore, we have come here to ease your pain. So you don’t have to go on finding what is right. You can perform this supplication to make your child righteous and obedient.

There is no one but who is capable of changing the mind and melting the heart of a person. All we can do is strive to reach out our prayers to the almighty Allah. The time Allah accepts our prayers, you will find this dua work for you. use our Dua For A Righteous Child.

Dua To Request Allah For A Pious Child


Rab’bihab’ lee’minn ladunka thur’ri’yy’atan’ tay’yibatan’inn’aka’ sam’ee’ud’-du’aa’


Oh the mighty Allah, grant me a righteous and pious offspring as you listen to your believers.

Most of the couple conceive babies by the grace of God. But, what every couple wishes for is a righteous child, a newborn that becomes pious and religious while he/she grows up.

Parenting is a factor that makes a child inclined to its religious activities and to become cultured and disciplined. Yes, you cannot deny that parenting plays an important role when it comes to the physical or mental health of a child. But, it cannot help the child effectively if the child is not pious.

If you are worried about such things and fear of getting a child who is not under their control, then you must perform dua to request Allah for a pious child.

It was no one but prophet Zakariyah who first implemented this supplication. At that time he was grey and old and could not conceive a child. His wife was mature so she was barren and far from fertility.

Prophet Zakariya was willing to conceive a baby, so he prayed to the almighty Allah and recited this supplication. It reached out to the mighty Allah, and prophet Zakariya got the blessings in the form of a pious son Yahya (peace be upon him).

Therefore, you must have faith in the almighty Allah and perform dua to request Allah for a pious child.  You will surely get a righteous child if you perform this supplication with your heart.

Dua To Make Your Child Obedient

Dua To Make Your Child Obedient, Are you sick of your child’s behavior? Do you want your child to be compliant? Of course you feel so disgusted and frustrated the time your child misbehave some elders in front of you. Moreover, you cannot make your child better by reprimanding or beating. But, you must do something that can be appropriate as well as effective.

If you are wondering whether such kind of solution exists or not, you are on the right page. We have got what you have been looking for. You will be able to control your child with the help of the most effective and powerful dua to make your child obedient.

Islamic supplications have got such potential that can melt the heart and calm the mind. Also, it can help a soul to be better.


“SaallaaLLaaHU ‘aalaa Muhaammaad


  1. You can start performing the most effective and powerful dua to make your child obedient anytime anywhere. Therefore, you can begin to reciting the supplication, if you want to get results quickly.
  2. Perform fresh bath and Wear washed clothes and begin with a pure heart.
  3. Making ablution is mandatory.
  4. You must have got strong intentions.
  5. you must perform the Recitation of the holy chapter Yusuf from the holy Quran
  6. But, before you start performing this dua to make your child obedient, make sure you think of the wish of having a disciplined and obedient child.
  7. After reciting the supplication mentioned above, take a glass of water and blow on its surface.
  8. Take a small amount of water and sprinkle it on your child. Make him/her drink the rest of it.

For greater effectiveness perform the recitation of this dua to make your child obedient for 41 days. You must not miss out a single day for any reason.

Dua For Disobedient Son

Dua For Disobedient Son, Having a disobedient son is like one of the disappointing things. Your stubborn son could become a big disgrace if things go out of control.

We must take care of such items from the very beginning to make sure that he is not going on the wrong path. You son needs the most powerful influences, and you must keep him away from any of the bad influences.

If you have found your son to be too stubborn to control, then you must look for a solution that can help you out. In Islam, you will find a solution to every problem. Hence, we recommend you must perform dua for disobedient son.

If you really want your son to be obedient and always listen to you, you should perform this supplication as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is no other way to bring reforms.


Allahu Yajtabeeilaihimai Yyashaaowa


  • First of all, make a fresh ablution.
  • Take some amount of sugar.
  • Now, you have to recite durood e taj for one time.
  • After that, you must recite the dua mentioned above for 313 times.
  • Then, you must have to blow on the sugar.
  • Use this sugar for making some desserts for your child.
  • Serve it to him.

If you perform this dua for disobedient son, you will notice a positive change in the attitude of your son. Additionally, his stubbornness will decrease with time and soon he will become obedient and always listen to the elders.

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