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How To Attract Husband In Islam
How To Attract Husband In Islam

How To Attract Husband In Islam

How To Attract Husband In Islam or to get my husband back in islam can be called how to control husband in islam? We will provide you wazifa to attract husband towards wife. Relationships are part of our lives, and a husband and a wife are at the center of a relationship—any disagreement between the two leads to a family disturbance. Most of the time, it’s the woman who suffers from dispute.

After the marriage, several husbands adjust them. They stop taking care of the wife, the way they used to do before they got married. In this case, a woman gets endured a lot and searches for ways to attract her husband. In this article, we have shared several ways to attract husbands in Islamic. Allah is supporting others who are helping themselves. Now, it’s your responsibility to do what’s possible. Likewise, he’ll do what you can’t do.

How To Attract Husband In Islam
How To Attract Husband In Islam

So, stop worrying and start to work. These items are meant to be visible to your husband. Besides, if it’s your fault, I’m sorry, too.  Realization is like a half-battle won. So, if the error is yours, it’s easier to have a full account. Inshallah, things are starting to get better. Also, pray to Allah for your trouble every day. Besides, ask him to pour love into the heart of your husband just like he’s made it for you.

How to attract husband in Islamic 

  • The dua you can recite is as follows: Subhanaka la illaha illa anta yarabbakullishai in wa war is huwa, along with this reading, Stray Fatiha, too.
  •  Also, you’ve got to read it 15 times. As a result, you’ll get better results. Be daily with your prayers, too.
  • Show your desperation to Allah. Since you are the one who saves a marriage, we also live in a time when people are seeking separation.

You are dear to Allah, and he will soon solve your problems.

How To Get My Husband Back In Islam?

How To Get My Husband Back In Islam? Ups and downs are part of the relationship. Likewise, the relationship between husband and wife is going through both good and bad times. Marriage is commonly regarded as a pious bond of devotion. The holiness of it is, however, something less valued. We’ve seen a lot of occasions where partnerships are being demolished due to petty motives.

Your relationship with your husband could be faced with such a situation. This situation may have a lot of reasons for it. Some of these maybe you cheat on the husband, hostile attitude towards the husband, Restricting the room to speak, Lack of commitment to the husband’s need.

They can all quickly take the husband away from you. Now, when your husband is split, that’s where you know the error. The need to have the ex-husband back to you emerges. Dua helps to get the ex-husband back.  The method to execute Dua to get back the ex-husband is as follows:

  • To begin with, take a photograph of the ex-husband
  • Next, sit in the role of performing Namaz and Now recite:

” habbatain Walitosnaa Allah A’ayney Wa-Alqaya to Aalaya kama.” 

  • Recite this for 300 times
  •  imagine the face of your love.
  • Then pray to God for the ex-husband to come back.

How To Control Your Husband In Islam?

How To Control Your Husband In Islam? Marriage is the most beautiful and sacred relationship through which two people plan to walk through every step of life together.  She leaves her parent’s house to start a new life with her husband, but what happens when a husband doesn’t spare a few minutes to get in touch with you? Your world is shattering, and you feel shattered inside. Wanna Control your husband? you can use wazifa for husband to respect wife.

Your life looks like hell, and you don’t have someone to talk to. At this point, there are still many women who get divorced and a few women who commit suicide. But our sisters, don’t take a harmful measure because you still have some hope. You’ve got to get support from dua, wazifa, and In Sha Allah, you’re going to get your husband back in your life.

How to control your husband in Islam region

  • “Durood Sharif” is recited 11 times.
  • Go to Chapter 16 of the Quran and recite ayat no. 39 for 500 times.
  • After reciting the Dua, blow your breath away from your husband.

After marriage, a woman’s happiness depends entirely on the husband’s actions towards her. The prosperity of married life for women depends on how their husbands treat them. But not all the wives are fortunate enough to get what they want from their husbands.

Wazifa To Attract Husband Towards Wife 

Wazifa To Attract Husband Towards Wife Implement the Wazifa to draw him to you. This is going to be the foundation of a successful marriage. As a consequence, the two of you will form an eternal bond. Unfortunately, men are typically thought-provoking. That’s why they can be easily exploited.

Waa Al-Ways Alayklama Habbaaatann Minnee Walee Tusnaa Alaynee

Perform this wazifa and bring change to the essence of your husband—this very powerful Wazifa. Your husband has been faithful since he chose to remain committed to you. Undoubtedly, this brings substantial improvements to his actions and increases his willingness to spend more time with you. To attract husband towards wife and closer together you can use dua to bring husband and wife closer.

Importantly, you have to realize that with this wazifa, you cannot attract another woman’s husband. Allah pours out his blessings on the honest. To remain true to your marriage and enjoy every bit of your beautiful married life. Use the magic wazifa to attract your husband to you. Invariably, this healthy couple will change your married life.

Wazifa To Attract Husband Towards Wife

  • Make a new Wudu
  • Bring two almonds.
  • First, complete your shah Salah or evening prayer.
  • Keep the almonds in your tongue
  • Visualize your husband, pray to Allah.
  • Recite Darood 11 times.
  • Read verses from chapter 16 of the Holy Quran.
  • Next, switch to Ayat 39 and sing it 17 times. Please take out the almonds and blast them down.
  • Follow the procedure for five days with fresh almonds each time you collect almonds and prepare a drink after five days to feed your husband.


When anything else fails, it is the prayers that work. We understand what a married woman thinks when her husband neglects her. She’s feeling powerless and separated. We all know that every married woman needs to get hold of her husband in the best possible way.

Every woman wants her husband to be in charge of her and always love her with all her heart, but sometimes it doesn’t happen naturally. Please take women to embrace alternatives to Islamic Dua for attracting husbands to wives to resolve this issue.

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