Dua For Expecting Good News 5/5 (9)

Dua For Expecting Good News
Dua For Expecting Good News

Dua For Expecting Good News

Dua For Expecting Good News, Expecting good news’ is the most awaited phrase in a woman’s life. When she expects good news that simply means she is pregnant. Motherhood is the best opportunity of Allah the almighty. It is in itself a journey. Full of new challenges and hassles. But, Allah has chosen you to give birth to a new life.

Every mother is a privileged woman on this earth. No matter how common this thing sound. The moment you put your first step in this journey, you know the difference. It is like a whole new experience. Every newlywed couple is like on this assignment. Their family and friends prod them that when they making the good news.

Dua For Expecting Good News
Dua For Expecting Good News

Well, the decision is in their hand surely. But, the real power lies in Allah’s hands. And any work begun without his name is not good. So, always go the Sunnah way. Put yourself in the security of Allah. He is the real master of us all. And he is the only one to love you without the doubt.

Dua for hearing good news

In this journey, you will surely be needing his security and protection. If you really want to be successful in this. And to get what you desire the most and be granted by Allah. Then go for his Raza for sure. We don’t take these matters seriously but it will help you a lot in the time to come. If you are planning a family. And would like to have a baby soon.

The the first thing you should definitely do is to communicate your hajaat with Allah. He is the real key to every lock. And if you will make him the real commander of all your endeavors. He will help you cross through any difficulty. If you are desperate enough to be a mother soon. Then do make sincere dua to him.

Allah keeps those people dear who ask. Who pray to him and make legitimate dua to him. The best part here is that there is no fixed time to make a dua. We are just unaware of it. Namaz is a mode and a part of your effort. But, you should be doing the genuine dua to him any time.

Dua for receiving good news

And, inshallah Allah will keep you in his dear list. The truth is we all are dearly looking forward to the good news. Everyone wants something good to happen to them. So if you are reading this then I will give dua to you too. We all are a seeker of the good news. May we receive it all the time. Nobody awaits the bad news.

All the woman out there, who ready for this new journey. Should be taking this decision with all their heart. This will not only require physical strength but also mental strength. Go for it when you are really prepared. I agree we live in a community, who put the burden of bearing the child on a woman. The decision which should be hers solely doesn’t be so.

So, it is you who have to decide. Being a mother is a great responsibility. You are going to bring new life into this world. So if you are in the doubt then there is certainly no point of it. And, if you are sure then Allah may keep you safe in this journey. May he remove all the barriers from your path.

You will soon be successful in this. Do what is in your hand and let the almighty do what he can. The good news you are so eagerly waiting for will soon reach you. May he bestow on you a healthy child.

Islamic dua for good news:

Quran is our real solution. In it lies the solution of all our problems. The best part is Islam doesn’t judge its followers. Honestly, we do not really know the meaning of every surah written in it. But, still, when you recite them they work for you.

Here is the dua which can help you in getting what you really want. Everything requires effort and you cannot confine it. So recite this dua as much as you can. As per your convenience. The dua is as follows:

“Laa illaha illal lahu wadahula shareeka lahu lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu, wa huwa ‘Ala kulli shay’ in qadeer”. Allah will tear open the sky to look at you and make you his first priority. This dua can be recited by anyone with a genuine heart. For any legitimate hajaat as Allah can look in your hearts and there is no point in hiding. This can help you get what you desire the most.


You should also recite the above dua. It will help you too. The dau is as follows:

“Rabbi la tazarnii fardaun wanta khairul wariseen” and Allah will surely provide you with the child.

We all want and expect good news every time. And when you are on the path of Allah. Then nothing bad can happen to you. No bad news will ever be able to touch you. Well at times the bad news is also the blessing of Allah. Hard times are lessons of Allah which prepare us for the better. Take it as his blessing.

Try to get on with every situation. Nothing is permanent in this life. If you are waiting for something really good to happen to you then it would soon. In your wait, lies your faith in Allah. And when you finally listen to your respected good new, say Mashallah at the very moment. As your gratitude is the must. Asking is important and so is thanking him.

May you be among the important of Allah. all the woman get their desired good news soon. May Allah listen to them soon. he listen to you soon too. and the good soon for which you are will soon reach you. The good should always surround us. do pray to Allah for it constantly. Ameen.

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