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Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife
Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife

Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife

Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife or to get good character wife can be use to get a pious wife. Solve your question like how to find the right spouse in Islam?

Which Wazifa Use To Get Beautiful Wife?

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is extremely true. Beauty lies within the inner self of a person. The behavior, the appearance, the way of talking are the things which define how a person is.

But we prefer looks before anything. A beautiful face calms our mind. And as there is a saying that a good presentation makes a job half done, it applies to our looks also.

Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife
Wazifa To Get Beautiful Wife

A beautiful girl is a dream of almost every man. However, at the time of marriage, looks come way before appearance and behavior. Everyone likes to get accompanied by a beautiful face. And getting a beautiful girl as wife is pure bliss.

After a tiresome work at the office, a beautiful face at the door can drive away all your tension. And if that lady is beautiful from inside, it’s a cherry on the cake.

Many people search for a beautiful wife before anything else for marriage. If you are searching for a beautiful wife, Islamic wazifa can help you. You need to follow the following procedure.

Yu Hee Ibbu Hum Waa Yu Hee Ibbuu Naa Hu, Azeel Laa Tin Al Al Mo Ameeneena Aiz Zatin Al Al Kaa Fee Ree Naa

Recite the above-written dua at night after all farz namaz of time 11 times. You will get a beautiful wife, and you will see a connection building between you two. Keep faith in Allah and believe in his decisions.

Which Wazifa Use To Get Good Character Wife?

Wazifa To Get Good Character Wife, However, if you are searching for a suitable life partner for you, being beautiful is not everything that matters. Looks can create the first impression about someone in our eyes, but the person as a whole makes the difference in our life.

When we are getting married, that person divides our life into two parts, life before and after meeting with her. The person who is going to walk by my side until death should be of good character. The goodness in character brings loyalty to the relation.

Wife is the emotional safehouse of a man. A good wife is a good friend at first—a person, whom you can rely upon. If the wife’s character is not right, the atmosphere of the family can never be peaceful.

However, it is a fact that every day several people commit suicide or gets depressed because of the character of their wife. A man could not bear his wife’s action if she is not of good character. Each day, many people get divorced due to this reason only.

You want to get a good character girl in your life, no? Then, you need to follow the following wazifa

The Durood – e – Ibrahim, you have to recite it 11 times after taking fresh ablution to get a good result. After that, you have to pray to Allah for giving a good character wife. Hopefully, you will get what you desire. This dua has a magical power that can get you your desired life partner.

Which Dua Use To Get A Pious Wife?

Dua To Get A Pious Wife, We have to admit that it is the mighty Allah, who made this world and all its living and non-living beings. Therefore, we must be thankful to him and should seek his blessing in every step of our life. We should never forget that whatever he is doing, it is for our good.

Each and everyone should believe in Allah. And to follow Allah’s path, one should follow the rules made by their religion. In Islam, Quran Sharif has a solution to all the problems that a mortal can face.

Life becomes much easier if your wife is a pious lady. Getting a pious lady as your wife is supreme good luck as a pious lady is bound to be of a good moral character.

A pious wife brings stability to the family. So, it is noble if you are searching for a pious wife. With kindness and generosity, if you follow the following wazifa, you will surely get a pious wife. To follow this wazifa, you have to recite the surah Al Fuqran verse74

Rabbanahabhlana min azwazinawathuria ttinaaqurrataaa yuinwajiaaalnalil muttaqeenaimaama

Reciting the above surah in a kind heart can increase your chance of getting a pious wife. However, it is completely noble in Islam to search a pious wife as it will help you to walk on Allah’s path.

How To Find The Right Spouse In Islam?

How To Find The Right Spouse In Islam? Well, marriage is a holy bond that is pre-defined in heaven. But, here on earth, it is not easy to find a perfect spouse for you who is, indeed, physically, mentally, and emotionally suitable for you. However, Islam has suggested some key points to find and match suitability between couples.

Let us illustrate this in brief,

  • Religiousness: Knowing the craze for beauty, the messenger of Allah said: “A man who marries a woman for the sake of her wealth, Allah leaves him in his condition, and one who marries her (only) for her beauty, will find in her (things) which he dislikes (unpleasing manners) and Allah will gather up all these things for one who marries her for the sake of her faith (religiousness).”
  • Good Nature: if the person is not good, he/she will never be patient in problems. Prophet said, “If he is ill-natured (bad-tempered), don’t marry your daughter to him.”
  • Compatibility: it is the most important part. It brings harmony between couples. Prophet said, “Some of the faithful are match for others.”
  • Decent Family: Prophet Said “Marry in the lap of a decent family, since the semen and the genes affect.”
  • Reason: Prophet said, “Avoid stupid marrying woman as whole life will be woe.”
  • Physical & Mental Health: You should not avoid these as per Islam.

However, marrying in blood relation is considered haram in Islam. If you follow the words of the prophet, you will get a decent partner, and your life will be happy.

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