Dua For Success In Business 5/5 (14)

Dua For Success In Business
Dua For Success In Business

Dua For Success In Business

Dua For Success In Business, Getting success in life is something that we all desire. When it comes to professional front the desire is the same. You want to be successful in all the professional ventures you take. Financial soundness is necessary for leading a peaceful and comfortable life.

For a man who is the head of the family (most of the cases) success in business is very important. The success of a man in business drives the welfare and overall care of families needs. It is the business (Karobar) from where the money for sustenance comes.

Family’s healthcare need, day to day needs, children education, marriage expenses are some common expenses. To finance these necessary expenses fine financial state is a pre-requisite. For sound financial health, you need success in business.

Dua For Success In Business
Dua For Success In Business

However, many a time you face difficulties in business. do your best but still, results are not on your side. suffer loses and your fiscal health deteriorates. You come under debts. The family starts to curse you for your failure. It becomes difficult for you to manage the basic needs of the family.

Islamic dua to get success in business

That’s a time you find yourself stuck. You look for refuge on wrong paths like alcoholism. You feel everything is over. That’s the last thing to do. You don’t need to be disheartened while facing such situations. What you need is effective and sustainable.

Success in business dua is the solution for all your worries. Islamic dua to get success in business is the perfect path for you to walk on. Performing dua for success in business would bring you results that you were waiting for. With Islamic dua to get success in business, you would be able to realize the causes of business failure.

The causes of business failure can be:

  • Poor decision making on your part
  • Poor business management on your part
  • Lack of business knowledge on your part
  • Mistakes of your employees
  • The mistake of your business partner
  • Your business partner cheating on you
  • Lack of ethics in your business
  • You cheating on your business partner
  • You affecting employees interest
  • Exploitation of employees
  • Corruption in business operation and management

Dua for success in business helps you visualize the root cause of your business failure. Moreover, dua for success in business guides you on the path of prosperity and success.

Performing dua with positive intent and frame of mind is quite effective. You should not think or dwell on the past. Your business failure is your past. You would write a new future for our professional world with dua for success in business.

Dua for husband success in business

You must note that dua is a pure and pious solution for your problems. The dua for husband success in business is the last resort for those in need. So, to use it accordingly is what recommended.

Don’t perform dua for success in business if you are:

  • Looking to do business in a domain that is sinful (Haram) as par Holy Quran like Alcohol business
  • destroy someone else business
  • take cause loss to your competitors
  • adoption of some unethical means in business
  • cheat your business partner or employees
  • Lured only by the lust for money
  • Your purpose is to corner benefits on the cause of others

In such cases, dua shall not be performed. It would bring you adversities only. Thus, it is better to perform dua for success with noble intentions.

The course of action of the dua

The dua for success in business is a long term effective solution. It requires the user to adhere to the process and procedure of performing a dua. For performing dua tow things are key. These are:

  • True faith in the Almighty and his dua
  • Adherence to the process

Dua for success in business when performed incorporating these key elements brings in quick results. The dua brings:

  • Peace to your mind
  • Corners all evil intentions aimed at you
  • Helps you to gain faith in yourself
  • Blesses you with the voice of Almighty
  • Brings success to your ventures
  • Bring stability to your business
  • Empowers you with business ethics
  • Enlighten you with the sense of walking on the righteous path

Hence, dua for success in business can be your all in one solution. So, go ahead and perform the dua with conviction.

The procedure of the dua

Adherence to the process is a key element while performing it. To guide you about the process and procedure of dua would list the same here.

The process to perform dua is as follows:

  • Perform your Friday prayer in the mosque
  • Stay in the mosque after the Friday prayer
  • Keep sitting on the place where you performed the Friday prayer
  • Don’t change the side of your sitting as well
  • Now, recite Durood Shareef for a total of 3 times in one go
  • After this start reciting:

“Bismillah hirRa’hamaan niRa’heem Al M’utee Huwallaa’h”

  • Recite this for a total of 70 times in a single go
  • Again recite Durood Shareef for 3 times
  • Recite verse 14 of Surah Al Fatir:

“Zuyyinalilnnasi hubbushahawaati minannisaa-i walbaneena walqanaateeri-lmuqa-data-rate minazzahabi walfiddati walkhayli-l musawwa-mati wal an’aami wal harsi zaalika mata-‘u-lhayaati- ddunya waALLAHU ‘indahu husnu-l ma aabi”

  • Recite this for 300 times in one sitting
  • Now, recite verse 29 of Surah Al Fatir:

“Innallazeena yat-loona kitaba-ALLAHi wa-aqaamussalaata wa-anfaqoo momma razaq-naahum sirran wa-‘alaa niyatan yarjoona tijaratan-lan taboo”

  • Complete 300 recitations of the verse

Things that are to be paid attention

  • The dua is to be performed only on Friday
  • Men must perform this dua in mosque only
  • Women must perform the dua in their house after Friday prayer
  • Women must sit in the same place and position as was for performing the Friday prayer
  • Verse 14 and 29 of Surah Al Fatir is to be recited daily

You would soon get results by performing the dua. The dua would show its results in a holistic manner. Inshallah peace be upon you.

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