How To Istikhara Save Marriage 5/5 (7)

How To Istikhara Save Marriage
How To Istikhara Save Marriage

How To Istikhara Save Marriage

How To Istikhara Save Marriage or how to perform istikhara to stop divorce is our services, here we will provide you restore marriage again and fix marriage problems.

Humanity is always curious to know about its future. While you know your past and live in your present, you are also desirous to know about your future. This desire is not restricted to curiosity alone. But, an attempt to know the unknown, so that harm can be avoided and benefit can be derived.

We usually believe in God and leave our fate on to Him. But if you are facing a problem which has two ways to be resolved. And you are in confusion, not knowing the best way out, then Istikhara is the best practice for you.

How To Istikhara Save Marriage
How To Istikhara Save Marriage

Now a day, people face a lot of problems in marriage. Both partners being independent-minded, find it difficult to be submissive. Often it results in divorce. However, divorce itself is not a solution.

It might bring in more problems for some, while others might be blessed with a better partner and a good life. So, before taking the final step of culminating an unsuccessful marriage, first, you should try to save it.

It would help if you practiced Istikhara for saving marriage. Pray two rakats of Nafal Salah and convey your problems to almighty Allah. Then ask for His Divine Guidance. As He is the Lord God, knows the best. After performing the Nafal Salah read the dua for Istikhara given below-

Dua for istikhara to save marriage

“AllahummaInni-e- Astakhiruka Bi IlmikWaAstaqdiruka Bi-QudratikWaAsaluka Min FadlikaAllazim Fa-InnakaTaqdiru Wala AqdirWaTalamu Wala AlamWa Anta AllamulGhuyub“

Continue praying for 21 days. Allah might guide you either through dreams, or through your inner feelings.

How To Perform Istikhara To Stop Divorce?

How To Perform Istikhara To Stop Divorce? You might be stuck in a messy marriage where there is no way out, but divorce. Again, you are aware that you will be in a helpless situation after that. In such circumstances, it is better to tie the loose ends and even out the indifference.

Along with your efforts to please your spouse, seek blessings from Allah. Ask for His forgiveness and blessings every time you pray. Practice doing Istikhara regularly to stop divorce. In Sha Allah, Allah-the benevolent will help you in achieving happier days with your spouse.

Pray two rakats of Nafal Salah, read the dua for Istikhara, and say your problems to God. Cry for forgiveness, read ‘Astagfir’ for several times and recite the dua given below for 101 times.

 “WaAasiruuHunnaBilMaroofe, Fa In Ka RehTumuuHunna Fa Asaa An Takrahuu Sai AauWayaazAalal Hu FeeheKhairaanKaseera”

Perform this Istikharaafter Isha Salah regularly, unless you receive Divine Guidance. If you get good vibes around your spouse, it will show that the relationship will work. And if you feel exhausted, you have to understand life will prove to better without him/her.

Allah is the Supreme Judge. He not only writes our ‘Taqdeer’ but also provides us with the things which are best for us. If not on this Earth, the reward will remain preserved for you in the hereafter.

Istikhara To Restore Marriage Again

Istikhara To Restore Marriage Again, Sometimes you make decisions under compulsion, which prove to be wrong later. You have wrongly severed your ties with your spouse and now undergo the pain of separation.

Now, you desperately want him/her back in your life. But you are worried whether the restoration of marriage will be peaceful or bring back those unhappy days. Again, you are in such a position that you are not able to move forward with a new partner.

You might have discussed the matter with your relatives and close friends. But they fall short of guiding you as this is a complicated issue. However, you suffer the agony alone and find it difficult to survive without your partner.

For such a problem, practice the Istikhara to restore marriage. Read two rakats of Nafal Salah, read the dua for Istikhara and then express your wish to marry by saying the following dua-

“Rabbi Inni Lima AnzaltaIlayya Min KhayrinFaqir’

Then, read the dua given below expressing your wish to get married to your former spouse,

“WamaMindaAbbatin Fi Ula Arde Illa Ala UllaheRijquhaWaYalamuMustaFir  RahaWa Mus TaudaAhafeKitabemMobeen”

The best time for Istikhara is after Isha Salah, when there is nobody around to disturb you. Continue until you get some signs from God, either in the form of dreams or personal vibes.

Istikhara To Fix Marriage Problems

Istikhara To Fix Marriage Problems, Marriage has never been a bed of rose for anybody. You have to work through your marriage to make it a happy one. While you are prosperous in your vocational life, you are finding it difficult to achieve success in your personal life.

You have tried several ways to fix the problem, but nothing seems to work. Not able to create a loving bond between you and your life partner, you feel sad. Your emotional needs being unfulfilled; gradually, you are falling prey to mental ill-health.

When sincere efforts do not work, you have to add the fervor of prayer in it to achieve your goal. ‘Prayers and efforts’ put together attempt a successful one. Along with your daily prayers, do the Istikharato fix marriage problems. Read two rakats of Nafal Salah after Isha Salah and seek the Divine Guidance.

Raise your hands in the glory of Allah, ask for His forgiveness by reciting ‘Astagfir.’ Say ‘Darood Sharif’ for 11 times, recite the dua for Istikhara. Then make your plea to Allah by reading the following dua-

“Aneq Je FiheFittabuteFaqjeFihe Fil YammeFalYulqeHilYammuBessahileYakhujhuAaduUlleWa Wudu WullahuWaAlqaitoAlaikaMahabbatamMinni,Wa Li Tusna-aa AlaaAinee”

In Sha Allah, Allah will help you find solutions to your problems. A dua is answered by Allah, only when you are constantly involved in the ‘Zikir’ of Allah. Reading all the obligatory Salah on time, recitation of the Holy Quran and charity fall under it.

‘Good conduct and kindness are the mark of a true Muslim. When you become lovable in the eyes of God with your good mannerisms, Allah opens every gate for you.

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Powerful Dua To Save Marriage

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