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Dua To Live With My Husband
Dua To Live With My Husband

Dua To Live With My Husband

Dua To Live With My Husband or for settling abroad with husband can be use to stay with your husband. We will provide you dua to go abroad with husband. Everyone wants a successful marriage life. The protection and support your hubby can give you nobody else possibly can. But often comes many hindrances which prevent you from a happy life. If you have a good marriage life, then making a proper family plan is the next step.

Dua To Live With My Husband
Dua To Live With My Husband

You must have dreamt about settling in abroad. Many will think that you are ambitious but believe you are not. You are just making an effort to keep yourself happy. But settling abroad can be challenging. It can be because of expenses, changing environment, climate, distinct culture, among many other reasons. But often, it is suggested that when you find no clue about how to go ahead. Then recall the name of Allah. With his dua for settling abroad with your husband, you can fix your decision to reside in your favorite foreign land. Always recite Allah’s name because he is the greatest of all. Our wazifa for husband to respect wife will provide you benefit for settling you in abroad with your husband.

There are also some wives whose ambitions are not that high. They want to lead a simple life. Their priority is only to stay at peace. But often unforeseen problems comes in between their wish. They often complicate husbands and wives relationship. As a result, both start to stay apart. If you are one of them, then you must perform the dua to stay with your husband. In case that you only wish to make a trip to any foreign destination in place of residing there. Then you must follow the dua to go abroad with your husband.

Dua For Settling Abroad With Husband

Dua For Settling Abroad With Husband, With the numerous complicated formalities, staying abroad has only remained a dream. While making such a plan, you could have faced the Visa issue. The license is not smoothly achieved. There are many parameters like your qualifications, health prescription, age limit, among others that count. It’s one of the most exhaustive procedures taking a long duration. Many people, due to this, leave their hopes. But with the dua for settling abroad with your husband, you can prevent such hurdles.

The wazifa is very helpful and 100% workable. The procedure for the dua is mentioned below:

  • On any full moon day, start the dua for settling abroad with your husband.
  • On that particular day, complete all five compulsory prayers.
  • Then recite the dua:

fi ‘aqdam alrib.

  • You must recite the dua 200 times. Make sure that you are counting the number of times.
  • Always pray to Allah Tallah with a pure and innocent heart.
  • Recite the dua for 15 consequent days.
  • After completing the above dua, end the procedure by reciting AI- Wudud verse in Quran without any outside intervention.

If you follow this above dua for settling abroad with your husband exactly as mentioned, then Inshallah, you can fulfill your wish. With this, you can expect your new home at your ideal foreign destination within few days of the period. But at the same time, you must take a precaution. That is, do ensure that you pronounce each word of the dua exactly with any modification. Allah always tries to fulfill your wishes.

Dua To Stay With Your Husband

Dua To Stay With Your Husband, Your wish to stay with your husband is the simplest one. But at the same may be due to unmatched opinions, not giving each other enough time, financial issues it becomes difficult. As a result, they’re always present a rivalry between the husband and the wife.  Allah always tries to make married couples happy because he believes that a short-term relationship is the same as haram. With the dua to stay with your husband, you can blissfully l settle with your hubby. And no external forces can distance you from your life partner.

Just dedicate yourself to the lord, and he will resolve everything. The dua to stay with your husband can be performed in the following ways-

  • During the month of Ramadan, start the dua.
  • Before the fajr, namaaz recite the durood e surah 11 times.
  • Then follow your usual fajr namaaz.
  • After that, recite the dua ajaeal zawji thirty times.
  • Following that, meditate for five minutes so that you can complete your process smoothly.

If this dua to stay with your husband does not work out, then it can be because of somebody’s black magic. In that case, visit the Molvi Ji. He will guide you to fulfill your desire. But there are 90% chances that the dua will work. And you will soon see the changes in your husband. He will start loving you. The possibility of rivalry between you two will automatically lessen.  And both of you will start making adjustments with each other. Both of you will start getting positive vibes from the other.

Dua To Go Abroad With Husband

Dua To Go Abroad With Husband, Often, married wives desire to visit abroad and make their first trip after marriage is memorable.  The dua to go abroad with husband have the potential to change your destiny in no time. So powerful is the dua. To perform the dua, you must do the following steps:-

  • Before the morning prayer time, take a bath and make yourself clean.
  • Followed by it make ablution in the name of the place where you want to visit.
  • Then recite the verse ‘urid ziarat ‘ard baeida for 50 times. Don’t create any other thoughts in your mind.
  • You must fully concentrate on making a prayer to Allah.
  • After that, blow it in the morning breakfast of your husband.

Do this for two days. Within a week, your husband will give you a surprise with the good news. However, the dua also has some exceptions. Like, don’t perform this dua if you are in your pregnancy stage and menstrual cycle. In such a case, recite awadu alziyarat fi alkharij for seven consecutive days. Allah is very caring. He knows your dream. He is our guardian. All your obstacles must be addressed to the Almighty directly.

So, stop worrying now and start performing the dua to go abroad with your husband. You can instead start packing for your abroad trip as soon as your dream is turning into reality. It is for Allah’s grace that it will become a reality. But never engage in wrongdoings as he never likes any fraudster. So please don’t lose faith in him. Thus, always be grateful to Allah. The dua to live with my husband is one among such duas that helps you lead a good life.

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