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Dua To Change Husband
Dua To Change Husband

Dua To Change Husband

Dua To Change Husband, Relationships often go through a lot of ups and downs. Many believe it’s the nature of human experience. But it need not be. Conflicts happen when two people fail to understand each other’s point of view.

Conflicts also happen when two people in a relationship want different things. You may not always want the conflict but that is exactly how we are conditioned to enforce our views. By arguing, by debating and at times, even by fighting.

Whether your husband is angry with you or has chosen to leave you and stay separate. There’s still a possibility of turning him around and making him fall in love with you. Use the dua to change husband and watch Allah perform the miracle for you.

Dua To Change Husband
Dua To Change Husband

Often, partners get swayed by what others say. Especially, in the case of in-laws, you may not stand a chance to convince your husband. He may say bad things to you, may even assault you. But know that this is all a result of a rough phase which will pass, eventually.

Dua to change husband’s mind

Whatever issues that you and your husband are going through, can be resolved by the right approach. If your husband is not in a state of understanding the situation, you can use the dua to change husband’s mind, and resolve the matter.

While you are trying to resolve the issue with your husband, you must be very cautious. Refrain from raising your voice or explaining your point of view. This often results in complications. Avoid any conflict that is unnecessary.

Refrain from correcting your husband. What men hate is being corrected. Keep your point of view in a polite and calm way as much as possible. Refrain from mentioning or citing examples of in-laws or husband in an argument. This will alienate you from both husband and in-laws.

Most importantly, in whichever way possible, do not opt for separation. It is important that both you and husband stay with each other. Once there’s physical distance, the emotional distance grows further often causing permanent damage to the relationship. Do not let your husband walk away from you nor should you leave the husband’s house.

Dua to change husband’s heart

Remember, you are the one trying to save the relationship. Your burden is bigger than those who don’t see what’s going wrong in their lives. You have chosen a partner because you fell in love. Now, even if your husband has forgotten this, you remember.

You value your marriage and want to save it at all cost. Naturally, your responsibility is bigger in making sure the relationship is not further strained. The calmer you remain through this tough phase, the better will be your chance to resolve the issue.

Perform the dua to change husband’s heart, only when you are sure that you are alone and won’t be disturbed by anyone. Use it without discussing it with anyone. Not everyone will understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Have faith in Allah and all your problems will go away.


  1. You must start this dua on a Thursday post-sunset, by doing proper wuzu.
  2. Begin by chanting the verses of Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times
  3. Then, recite “LaquaadJaa Akum Rasulam Min AnfushikamAzeezun”, 3 times.
  4. Then recite the below dua to change husband’s behavior towards you –

yaaaakaaaaaa – inaanqaablaakullishaay –in waayaaaamukaawwinaakullishaay –in waayaaaabaaaaqiyaabaa’daakullishaay –ins’aalliaalaamuh’aammaadinwaaaahlibaaytiheewaaf –aa’lbee

  1. Now, again chant the verses of Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times
  2. Now, blow your breath while imagining your husband’s face.

Perform the dua to change husband for 21 days. During this time, refrain from indulging in any vices, including alcohol and non-veg.

Best dua to change a bad husband

The dua to change husband can resolve any kind of conflict between you and your husband. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation is. Even if you believe that you may have lost your husband’s love forever, with Allah, nothing is impossible.

As long as you keep your faith on Allah, and do the best dua to change a bad husband, all your wishes will be fulfilled. The all-merciful, Allah never disappoints his children. Especially, the ones who believe in him.

Allah will show you the path through this rough patch of your life. Follow it blindly. Seek your Local Moulvi’s guidance to understand Allah’s ways. Consult an Islamic Astrologer to know more about the dua to change husband.

If need be, get the Islamic Astrologer to perform the ritual for you. The Islamic Astrologer is an expert on Quranic Verses and may know a more appropriate best dua to change a bad husband, depending upon your specific issue. The Astrologer may even give you a Taveez, which has been anointed by performing the dua.

This would be more effective, as the Astrologer may design the dua to change husband, especially aimed at transforming your Husband’s heart and mind.

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