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Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic
Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic

Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic

Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic or to protect my husband from black magic can be use for black magic to goes away. If you have question about how to get rid of black magic with quran then ask to our expert.

Black magic can destroy your life. It can have a devastating effect on your loved ones. But sometimes innocent people like you become victims of black magic spells. There is wazifa to know who did black magic. But you have to use this wazifa very carefully. Otherwise, it can have ill effects on you.

Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic
Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic

Here is the wazifa to know who did black magic. Firstly offer the namaz at night. Next, pray to God to let you know who is creating these issues in life. Lastly, say Durood-e-Ibrahimi. Say this 11 times.

Finally, you have to narrate the wazifa to know who did black magic. For this, first of all, you have to say the verse YaKhabeer-o-Akhbirni Anil Ahwaal, Ya Aleem-o-Allim’ni Anil Ahwal. Make sure that you report this verse 4100 times. Secondly, you have to repeat the Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times. Now go to sleep. You have to follow this practice for 41 days continuously.

In your dreams, you will see some faces. Finally, one day you will know the person who is doing black magic. You must not reveal this person’s name to anyone. But it is best to stay away from this person.

One important thing that you should remember is that you must not take any revenge. You should not carry out this procedure to harm the person who is harassing you. It is to confirm who is doing black magic so that you can stay away from him.

How To Get Rid of Black Magic With The Quran?

The holy book Quran has lots of power. We all know this. There is nothing that the Quran cannot do. So if you want to know how to get rid of black magic with the Quran then you are in the right place. Remember that the Quran can be beneficial to get rid of evil things like black magic.

The answer to problems like how to get rid of black magic with Quranis there in the Quran. Firstly if you feel that you are under the influence of black magic, then you have to start reciting Surah Naas daily. Make sure that you describe it 1000 times daily. Next, you have to pray to Almighty. Tell him to give you respite from black magic.

If you are looking for the answer to how to get rid of black magic with the Quran? Then there is one more thing that can be done. You have to keep narrating Ayat al-Kursiy, the ayahs of sihr from Surat al-A’raf.

Secondly, narrate Surat Yoonus and Surat Ta-Ha, Surat al-Kafirun, Surat al-Ikhlas and al-Mu’awwadhatayn. Make sure that you recite these in front of the person who is under the influence of black magic.

Perform all these remedies with a clear heart. You have to understand that Almighty has the power to defeat your enemy. So you must have faith in the Almighty and the Holy Quran.

Wazifa For Black Magic To Goes Away

Wazifa For Black Magic To Goes Away, There wazifas and duas that have immense power. They can help you get rid of black magic. You must try the wazifa for black magic to goes away. Firstly you have to narrate 68 and 69 Ayaat of SuraahTaa’ha. Make sure that you say it 100 times every day.

Secondly, remember that before and after you relate these lines, you should say Durood Sharif. This you have to say three times. Make sure that you perform this dua for 11 days continuously. Finally, you have to blow on yourself. Make sure that you do not say any other dua during these 11 days.

There is one more wazifa for black magic to goes away. For this, you have to recite the below-mentioned verses. First of all, say the below-mentioned verse:



Secondly, you can say below verse:


You have to make sure that you say this verse 7 times daily. This wazifa for black magic goes away very powerful but has to be performed correctly.

Wazifa To Protect My Husband From Black Magic

Wazifa To Protect My Husband From Black Magic, Evil people will never be happy to see you with your husband. They will cast black magic on your husband to destroy your married life.

In such times make use of wazifa to protect my husband from black magic. Firstly make sure that you pray to Almighty every day. Secondly, you must recite the below-mentioned dua regularly:

Allahu laaailaahaillaahuwalhaiyulqai-yoom; laataakhuzuhoosinatunwwalaanawm; lahoo maa fissamaawaatiwa maa fil ard; manzallazeeyashfa’uindahoooillaa be iznih; ya’lamu maa bainaaideehimwa maa khalfahum; walaayuheetoonabeshai ‘immin ‘ilmiheeilla be maa shaaaa; wasi’akursiyyuhussamaawaatiwalardawa la ya’ooduhohifzuhumaa; wahuwalaliyyul ‘azeem

This is a very powerful wazifa to protect my husband from black magic. But you should ensure that you say all the words correctly. There is one more wazifa to protect my husband from black magic. Firstly you have to say the below-mentioned dua. Secondly, make sure you pray to almighty regularly.

Qulnaalaatakhafinnakaantala’laa Waalqi maa fee yameenikatalqaf maa sana’oo; innamaasana’ookaidusaahir; walaayuflihussaahiruhaisuataa

You have to say it in a particular way. Firstly say the Durood Sharif. Next, recite this wazifa. You have to say it 100 times. Next, tell the Durood Sharif. Finally, blow on your husband. Make sure that you do this procedure for 11 days continuously.

It is always better to take the opinion of an expert dua specialist before you perform any of the duas and wazifas. Remember that these things should be done with good intention only then Almighty will help you.

FAQ For Wazifa To Know Who Did Black Magic

How To Remove Black Magic In Islam?

In today’s world, talking about such things seems unpractical. Most of the time, it is said that there is no such thing as black magic. But, if it is right, there is evil. Those who afraid to do the dua use black magic. In their hearts, Allah never resides. And, their minds are surely controlled by evil. In Islam, it has been mentioned about black magic. Furthermore, it does exits, and everyone should seek the precaution from it. How can we forget that our beloved prophet was pulled under its clutches? Also, it is the biggest evil of all. And, the biggest sin is too. Those who practice it have a specific place in hell for the obvious reasons. Those who seek evil for people will never have the good for themselves. As a result, their sin will make them pay. Most importantly, Allah will never forgive them. But, black magic, unfortunately, inflicts the constant pain. It causes damage. And destroys the lives. So, seeking protection is the best option. Well, here Quran is an honest answer. Also, the one who reaches out to Allah regularly. Inshallah will never fall victim to it. So, Islamic living has its perks. It is like living with the guard. But, we often don’t conform to it. As a result, we often fall to the victim. Certainly, Allah commands us to be pak (pure), both in and out. How to seek protection: When Our BelovedProphet came under the grasp of Black magic. Allah sent the ultimate protection of the 4 Kuls. It has been part of all our essential learning. So, I am expecting that we all know it. We all should learn it. The four kuls are as follows; • Surah- Al kafiroun • Surah Al-Ikhlas • Surah Al-Falaq • Surah An-Nas Recital of these abundantly can remove black magic of any kind. Besides, that person or his family members should also recite the following. These are the essential chapters of the Quran to be recited: • Make sure you make recital of the Aytal Kursi your habit. • And, along with kul, recite the Surah Fatiha. Besides, stay regular with your namaz. Inshallah, Allah will protect you always.

How Do I Know If My Husband Is Under Black Magic?

At times, the symptom of the black magic victim is that of the depression patient. First of all, his attitude changes the most. He will stop doing the things he used to. Or, he loved to do. As he is your husband, you know him better. So, first of all, look for these changes. He will also start neglecting the family. He will have to face losses in the business. Either he will sleep a lot or don’t at all. Because he is under black magic, he will begin to see things. As if he is on the journey of self-destruction. This is real-time when he needs you the most. Also, there will appear an undue tension. Everything in your house will seem dark. Besides, all your efforts will fail. Also, there will be damage to health. Your husband and children will be sick. There will be issues of wealth. There will appear repeated losses in the business. Thus, these are enough signals which show that your husband is under black magic.

How To Know If I Am Affected By Black Magic?

Well, enough Black magic is something that cannot be explained. And so is the suffering of the person who is under the influence. Moreover, there are some signals that one should not ignore. These are as follows: • You will see the change in the behavior of the animals around you. Most importantly, it is the dog which sent in the signal. • Plants near you will wither away even if you drain them regularly. • Your health will not stay good. Furthermore, there will appear repeated sickness. • You will start hearing voices. Or, even small things will make you angry. • There will be repeated failures in things you do. • Moreover, your interest in things will lose out soon. If all of these are happening to you, then maybe you are under the influence of the black magic. Because none of it can be explained, it is advised that come onto Allah’s path. Start getting regular with you namaz. DSo the procedure mentioned above. And, Inshallah everything will fall into place.

How To Find Out Who Did Black Magic On You?

Well, it is the common sense question. It has to be your enemy. The one who detests you the most. The one who is jealous of you and your happiness. Thus, it is your starting point. Yes, that person has to be someone who knows you. Because why would a stranger will go for such a thing. Not only known but also a relative. As in these cases, they are the most closed ones. So, this can be someone who is close. And, has been harboring hate for you. So, better look for such people. They can be someone who fought with you. Someone who has been craving your property. The time is so wrong that even brothers and sisters are getting involved in that. Therefore, it is better to ask Allah. He is the knower of all. Yours and their sins are not unknown to him. So, always ask Allah for his help as he is the only one to save you. How can you know? • Either you can do the Istakhara. • Or you can visit some Islamic expert, who is genuine. • He should not ask you for the money as people have made it a business. • So, your job is not to fall in trouble. • Also, stay on Allah’s path. Evil cannot counter corruption. So, remain on Allah’s prescribed way. Inshallah, you will soon be free of black magic. Ameen.

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