Spells For Marriage Commitment 5/5 (9)

Spells For Marriage Commitment
Spells For Marriage Commitment

Spells For Marriage Commitment

Spells For Marriage Commitment or to make him commit to you can be called asked me to marry you spell yes. We will provide you deep Commitment Spell Caster for maximum result.

Marriage is the holy relationship on this earth, and here two persons commit to staying with each other for a whole lifetime. They take vows, made promises to rest next to each other side in times of ups and downs, act as a backbone to support their partners.

Never lie to each other, never betrayal one another, always build trust for one another. This is called the relationship of marriage. Marriage is not a straightforward relation to fulfill, and here you need to dedicate your whole life to your wife or husband and family.

Spells For Marriage Commitment
Spells For Marriage Commitment

But nowadays, commitment can be seen rarely in couples, in today’s modern world marriage long lasts up to only for a few days, then they take divorce and move on to another person. Hence, that sacred relation gets scattered within a few times of build, and it affects many lives and families.

Here the person, who loves the most to his/her partner feels broken due to such betrayal, such fake commitment. Therefore, marriage is still intolerable in our society, and it is the most sensitive matter.

Some people out there still want attention from their partner; they want a relationship that long last forever.

Today we bring some spells for those who are interested in having an authentic relationship with your partner. These spells must perform with your calm and pure heart as well as with your calm mind too. Then only you will get positive results in your life, from these spells. use our Spells For Marriage Commitment.

Spell To Make Him Commit To You

Spell To Make Him Commit To You, Here we go, ladies, with your dream thing.

  • How To Make Him Commit Towards You?

You can make him commit through the help of given below spell


  • Cinnamon incense
  • Five golden candles
  • Pumpkin
  • Spoon
  • Honey
  • Five fishing hooks
  • Brown paper
  • Orange juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Your partner’s picture
  • Pencil
  • White plate


  1. Sit at a calm and clean corner of your home. Then clean the candles and anoint it with honey and place them on the altar. Meditate for few minutes to calm down your heart, mind, and body than light all the candles as well as the incense of cinnamon.
  2. Place the pumpkin on a white plate and cut the top of it, with the help of a spoon make a hollow in it and then add it in your altar.
  3. With the help of a pencil, write down your partner’s name on brown paper, then put it inside the pumpkin. Put your partner’s picture as well inside the pumpkin.
  4. Now add five fishing hooks inside the pumpkin and then add orange juice and honey in it.
  5. Now place the top of the pumpkin, back on top of it. If it does not fits well, then seal it with the help of a string or pins. It should get seal properly because you are not going to open it again.
  6. Call Oshun and tell her about your desires of commitment with your partner. Then snuff the candles gently.
  7. For the five days, repeat the mantra, burn the candles, and make the wish to Oshun.
  8. Lastly, on last day, flow the pumpkin into the river and make your last wish.
  9. Perform this ritual on Friday as it considered the day of Venus, which is love.

Asked Me To Marry You Spell

Asked Me To Marry You Spell, We all want to get married to our dream person, and we want that our desired person also wish for the same, even he come and ask from us

  • How Your Dream Person Will Ask You To Get Married?

Below is the procedure for our spell.


  • Forget me not oil
  • 3 Pink or Red Candles
  • 2 White Candles
  • Matches
  • Red Ribbon
  • Needle


  1. Sit a calm, clean center of your home then makes a sacred circle.
  2. Now clean your candles and anoint it by rubbing them forget me not oil on it and place it on the altar. Arrange it in the shape of a pentacle.
  3. Place three pink or red candles on top of the pentacle and two white candles at the bottom of it.
  4. Now place your partner’s picture in the middle of the pentacle.
  5. Light the candles with one match only, start with pink candles and light them in clockwise order.
  6. Now recite the following words:

With the power of light, we become one

With the power of burning flame, our desires and feelings start burning for each another

Including the ability to melt candle, our hearts start melting for one another

With the color of candles, we fall in love for one another

  1. Prick your finger with the needle, drop three of its drops on the picture. Now kiss the picture with blood for 13 times and fold it three times.
  2. Lastly, close it with red ribbon and hide it in your bedroom

Deep Commitment Spell Caster

Deep Commitment Spell Caster, A gift for our audience, which they want in their lives

How To Make Deep Commitments?

Here we bring an Egyptian spell for you


  • Red candle
  • String or thread from your partner’s cloth
  • Piece of gauze
  • Line or thread from your fabric
  • Parchment Paper
  • Picture of your both in which you both are smiling together
  • Yarn, string or cord


  1. Sit at a calm and clean corner of your home, where positive vibes are coming.
  2. Now clean your candles, and light them up.
  3. Place the picture in front of you, and then meditate for a few minutes. Drop the wax of red candle on your image and then think about those good times which you both spend together. Your wish and the relation which you want to recreate again.
  4. Now recite the following words:

With my love, I want to fulfill my desires

With my love, I want a sacred relationship with you

I want you to feel the love as I feel for you

With my love, I want you to explore the deep sentiments and commitments for me

With my love, I want from your universe to make you mine forever

  1. Now put your and your partner’s cloth string together on your picture and then fold it in three folds. Put it in gauze and drop the wax on its corner to seal it properly, now fix it with string or cord or yarn.
  2. While you perform this spell, communicate to Isis, goddess of Egypt, goddess of love. Tell her about your desires and passion. As a result, once you received your desires, return the gift of isis, the gauze by flowing into the river or burning it or bury it into the ground.

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