Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone 5/5 (7)

Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone
Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone

Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone

Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone or to attract a girl for marriage can be use for attract someone you love. Use our wazifa to attract boy towards you.

Which Islamic Wazifa Used To Attract Someone?

Wazifa is one of the most effective ways to resolve any love and attraction problem. There are so many benefits of reciting Islamic wazifa to attract someone. You can’t only get love or attraction from someone, but with the help of wazifa, you can get benefits from marriage life issues.

The attraction is a powerful feeling. We want the person for life if we get attracted to them. And the worst thing is that the attraction can be towards anyone and we have no control over it.

Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone
Islamic Wazifa To Attract Someone

Sometimes we think that the same person to whom we got attracted has the same feeling for us. But, it can’t be accurate every time. And, at this point, we look for reasons to keep them in our life. Allah knows everything, and he listens to us all. However, to get help from Allah, one should have clear and pure intentions in their heart.

If you are about to recite Islamic Wazifa to Attract someone, be patient. Also, give yourself some time to know and understand it. Allah knows everything. So, analyze your self first. You need to ensure that your intentions are pure.

Allah will surely help you if he feels that the person you are attracted to is perfect for you. The wazifa to attract someone will help only if you pray to Allah with dedication. Our ruqyah to make someone fall in love is really strong and will help you to Attract Someone.

Process of the Islamic wazifa to attract someone

Undoubtedly, nothing works without Namaz. So, perform it regularly and seek help from Allah for help.

  • Read Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  • Now, recite Surah Fatiha for seven times.
  • After that, Read Surah-Falaq and Surah-Ikhlas for 1100 times.
  • While ending the wazifa, recite the Durood Shareef for 11 times.

If you perform this wazifa with pure dedication and intention, inshallah, you will get your desired results very soon.

Which Wazifa Used To Attract A Girl For Marriage?

Wazifa To Attract A Girl For Marriage, It is a complicated task to attract a girl for marriage. Many girls won’t give their hands to you quickly. They have different types of desires. There could be many possibilities that you don’t attract the girl, such as you are very lazy, incapable of their love, or dull. If the girl is very good looking, then she will not accept or attract towards you quickly.

So first, grab their attention towards you. You have to make remarkable changes in your lifestyle and your look. If you are not that handsome, take grooming tips from the internet. You require to take responsibility of yourself first. Try to shower every day and take care of your face.

You have to make yourself clean. Whenever you go to meet girl, try some duo on your body. It would help if you were confident and try different things every time. It is crucial to have positive energy.

If you have worked everything and still facing rejection, don’t worry too much. We have a solution for that also. Here we have Wazifa to attract a girl for marriage.

This wazifa will help you attract a girl for marriage. The girl will start liking you and will fall for you. Also use our salat istikhara for love marriage to attract a girl for marriage.

  • First, read “Bismilahai Hirahmanir Raheem,” then “Ya Gayasul Mustaghsheen” for 320 times.
  • You have to read this after your dinner every Thursday, and after your shower, read it continuously for 14 days.
  • After reading this wazifa also recite “Inna Allah Yusminuo Maanyashao” for 100 times

After you have read the wazifa as mentioned above, with the desire of the girl whom you want to attract for marriage, after seven days, you will get surprising results.

Which Wazifa Used To Attract Someone You Love?

Wazifa To Attract Someone You Love, Nowadays, it is a massive issue among lovers. If your love is not attracted to you, then it is not easy to imagine the future. You need to put some more work if you want to attract someone you love.

If you have tried every possible solution to attract someone you love and still get a failure, we must not be harsh on yourself. We have a solution for every problem. We have wazifa to attract someone you love.

It is a kind of solution that will bring a strong feeling in your partner’s heart for you. This wazifa for love attraction will help you to attract your lover towards you. He/she will fall in affection with you. Here is the wazifa to attract someone you love. Ask to our inter caste love marriage specialist molvi ji about your problem and get correct wazifa to attract someone you love.

  • First read, Durood Shareef Durood Ibraheem.
  • Then read, Surah Ikhlassand also read “Asma-ul-Husnaya” dua.
  • You need to perform five-time Namaz every day without even failing for a single day.
  • Every morning, do the Tilavat of Quran Majeed.
  • Read the Quran daily.
  • Recite the dua

“Allah Huma Alifat Baiynaa Qulubin, WaAsslihhZaataaBaiyinnWahdeenaaSuboolaAsalaam, WaNajeenaMinazzulamattiIlanoor.”

Which Wazifa Used To Attract Boy Towards You?

Wazifa To Attract Boy Towards You, Many females find it very difficult to get love from their male partners. It isn’t very pleasant for girls when they feel that their partners are not treating them seriously. If the boys are not giving respect to their girlfriends that, it makes girls very disgusting. Then it can take a step of dispute and separation. You can also use our dua to get ex boyfriend back solution from our Muslim expert to Attract Boy Towards You.

Therefore, if you are facing this kind of situation and not getting respect from your male partners, then we have an answer for you. We have wazifa to attract boys towards you.

Here is the wazifa to attract any boy towards you.

  • You need to perform the wazifa before dawn.
  • First of all, turn towards Qiblah Sharif and Take some sugar.
  • Now recite Durood Ibraheem 7 times along with it, recite duroodtaj Shareef for 22 times. You have to describe it before the recitation of Durood Ibraheem.
  • Every time you read these two Durood, blow on sugar and perform the wazifa for continuously seven days.
  • Inshallah, your desired boy will get attracted to you very soon.


Love is a beautiful feeling, and every person should have it. Sometimes it becomes challenging to attract someone you love. For that, we have mentioned some of the effective wazifa above. You need to do it with all your heart, and Allah will listen to you.

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