Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife 5/5 (8)

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife
Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife also use to make husband listen to you and for husband to love his wife. Use our super strong wazifa for husband to obey wife and keep your life happy with your husband.

Every woman wants a loving, caring, and respected husband. A husband who will respect and care for her feelings. A woman wants to have a most respected in his husband’s eyes. If your husband does not care for you, then it is a serious problem.

Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife
Wazifa For Husband To Respect Wife

There can be many reasons for this first reason will be that he is having affairs with another woman. He has lost interest in you. If you do not care about him. So he has taken this path to find love and respect. If you care and respect your husband, then he will recognize you and did not indulge himself in an illicit relationship.

In Islam, an illegal relationship is a harmful act. A married man who is involved in such illicit relationship is the biggest sinner in Islam. These illicit relationships did not only break the families but also lower down the respect of husband and wife in their eyes.

Sometimes the husbands do not care and listen for his wife. The wife does all the hard work. She works for the whole day and night to fulfill the desires of her husband and other members of the family. The husband still finds flaws in the work of their wife. This leads to the situation of anxiety, depression, and disrespectful life for a wife.

If you are in the same condition and you’re every effort to gain the respect of your husband goes in vain. You should do the following wazifa so that your husband would start respecting you and give you a space in his heart. The wazifa is given below;

“Ya Allaho, Ya Latifo, Ya Wadudo, Ya Budhdho”

This is the powerful wazifa and will create and such immense love and respect for you in the heart of your husband that you will have not to think that even in your dream.

This dua should be recited at the time of Fajr nimaz after the completion of your Fajr Nimaz. Recite this dua for 600 times, and after Isha, nimaz repeats this. Read Durood shareef before and after the reaction of this dua. Do not speak anyone while doing this wazifa.

Blow it on a glass of water or the husband’s food. After performing this wazifa, you will notice the change in your husband. He will start respecting you and start loving you.

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You, In many families, it has been observed that most of the time, husbands do not take wife words or his suggestions seriously. They take it as an insult to their manhood. Irrespective of the fact that any time a women’s advice can make the family wealthy and healthy.

They even do not take it seriously to speak to them on many important occasions, such as financial, social, and social problems of the family.  The other side of this story is that when a man listens to his wife, the environment of the family become pleasant, and their bond becomes happier.

Also, if your husband did not hear your words seriously, it is possible that you will suffer from depression and anxiety. You will find your solution to this problem here. Here is dua to make your husband obedient to you so that he will listen to you passionately;

“Walam Alhad Ilta Sallie Usmliaa Din Sudham Humand Ilkham. Ikhteaar ilham idun ullam utla dhim durran dila. Inake iltam Ursood Khurdeen Tisleem Bin Majood Istikhara Iftiaar Ismillam Udam Durram”

You have to recite this dua for 27 days and 31 times each day without any gap. Do not share this dua to anyone while doing this wazifa even not to your husband

Wazifa For Husband To Love His Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Love His Wife, Sometimes it happens that you love your husband, but from your husband end you get only hatred. Love is an essential factor which binds the life of husband and wife together after marriage. Without love, the relationship can turn into hell and can break within seconds.

The husbands love for his wife is most important. Not loving your wife; there can be many reasons for this problem, such as losing a job, the illicit relationship of husband or wife, financial difficulty, hard life, or loss of interest. So if you have lost your love of your husband.

Then do not take it lightly. It can lead to many serious complications in your married life and even can lead to divorce. You should also make some changes in your lifestyle such that you do not lose your husband’s love.

First, do not leave a gap for the third person in your married life, which can decrease the love of your husband for you. Second, do not encourage others to insult abuse or even fight with your husband. To make your husband crazy for your love. Do the below wazifa;

  • Take a picture of your husband in your mind with an active imagination.
  • Recite Durood-e-Ibraheemi 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Ikhlas 313 times.
  • Then recite “Ya Wadoodu” 313 times.
  • Last again Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times and do this wazifa continuously for 41 days.

Insha Allah, Your husband, start loving you.

Wazifa For A Husband To Obey Wife

Wazifa For A Husband To Obey Wife, Every woman wants to make his husband in her control. She does not want to divide her husband’s love. And She wants her husband should stick towards her only. Her cannot tolerate his illicit relationships.

It has been often observed that many times the love the attraction and the obedience which your husband was carrying for you after the marriage has suddenly broken. It deeply hurt a wife. Marriage is a sacred relationship between husband and wife.

A woman leaves her parental house for her husband, and if the husband did not take proper care and will not listen to her wife. It hurts her feelings. So, if your husband did not listen to you and had gone out of control. Do the following wazifa to control your husband so that he can obey you all words;

  • Recite Durood Shareef for 11 times
  • Second, move to chapter number 16 of Quran Pak and read Ayat number 39 for 500 times.
  • Blow your exhaling breath on your husband.

Insha Allah, Your husband will start obeying after this Wazifa

Dua For Controlling Husband

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