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Dua For Future Husband
Dua For Future Husband

Dua For Future Husband

Dua For Future Husband work to get handsome husband and for seeing future husband in dream. if you want to see all about your future husband then use our dua to meet future husband.

Nagma was a girl from a tiny town. She was adorable since childhood, and now as she was in junior college, one can say puberty hit her most beautiful. So this cute girl in her late teens was about to enter in her 20s, and her orthodox parents and other elders from family started thinking of her marriage.

Dua For Future Husband
Dua For Future Husband

They were going to get her married immediately after 12th which means as soon as she is legally eligible for marriage, but some of the elders as well as herself thought that it is better to learn more and further. So she continued her study.

Her family members were already searching for a groom for her. And she was studying they were searching for someone who would teach her after marriage because they were not planning to get her education over till 3rd year.

Her parent’s, her relatives, all elders from her family were trying to find the right groom for her. She almost reached in her 4th semester, but still, nobody could get a good groom and finalized her marriage. There always used to be some of the other issues in every potential groom. Somebody suggested using dua for a future husband.

So nagma’s dad consulted elders from the family. These elders suggested molvi ji who was very good at giving such dua. So nagma’s dad decided to take her to that molvi ji. One beautiful day, her dad asked her to accompany him. Molvi ji met her and her dad and gave them dua for a future husband.

Dua To Get A Handsome Husband

Molvi ji said, you now have this you don’t need to worry about anything. Nagma blushing told her dad that she wants a handsome one. Molvi ji started laughing. Her dad looked at molvi ji, molvi ji said, don’t worry you will get a handsome one.

Here is a dua to get a handsome husband. Nagma got happy and returned with her dad. Her regular college was going on. Now it was a month of December, and all the fests started happening in her college. Nagma was a very active member of fests organizing a committee.

She had to stay late at the college for the preparations. They had to invite a very famous male actor, who is very renowned among youth. Nagma and few of her friends from the committee had gone to meet him to request for the college fest and be the judge of the dance competition.

They had a lovely conversation with him. Especially nagma felt very lovely meeting him. He was very humble. And treated all of them very nicely. He came to the college event. On that day nagma was looking so cute, and when this actor went for the development and saw nagma, he complimented her. She blushed.

She didn’t know what to say. After the event judges had snacks at the college, their nagma was present too. The actor, Rajesh, asked her where she does live. And said it was along the way for him. So he dropped her home that day. Dua to get handsome husband worked because within five days Rajesh came to nagma’s house to ask her for marriage. Everybody was so happy.

Dua For Seeing The Future Husband In A Dream

Nagma knew this is no coincident. She had gone to molvi ji again, and she expressed her wish to see her future husband in a dream, so molvi ji had given her dua for seeing the future husband in a dream. Three days before Rajesh came to her house, she had already seen him in her dreams.

Because after Rajesh had dropped her home after the festival, they had also exchanged numbers with each other. And Rajesh had liked her so much that the same night they both started chatting with each other.

Almost both of them spent virtually half the night talking and knowing each other. They ended their chat to meet the next day for a coffee. Nagma had spent the entire evening with him, and he had also asked her what her plans about marriage are.

There itself she had got her hint that Rajesh might have the interest to marry her, but she did not say anything. That is why she had gone to see molvi ji. Molvi ji’s dua for seeing the future husband in the dream had worked.

Because Rajesh came in her vision with a rose in his hand and he was giving it to her. And she wasn’t getting what to do and what to say. In dream, she saw that he did so in front of her family, her parents, her relatives, her friends, and the whole village.

She was afraid what if she accepts the rose, which she wanted to. But she saw her family members, elders, parents were all smiling happily at her and Rajesh. So she developed a confusion. And her dream broke

Dua To Meet A Future Husband

Now that she had seen him in the dream, she wanted the last confirmation, so she again went to molvi ji and expressed that she wanted to meet her future husband. So molvi ji gave her dua to meet a future husband.

She came back home; the next day was Sunday. She had her fingers crossed. At home, her mom had cooked an excellent dinner. It was her favorite ladyfinger recipe. And she liked puri the most, so her mom had made that too.

It was her grandmother’s birthday on Saturday and nagma was her favorite granddaughter, so she had asked nagma’s mom to make everything magma’s favorite. Nagma had a wonderful dinner that night. Opened her mobile but there was no msg from Rajesh. She was kind of concerned, but she stayed calm. She was more excited about the next day, that is, Sunday.

If Rajesh meets her tomorrow, then that means he is her husband. But she started thinking that if Rajesh does not call her to see him, how is he going to meet her? And there were no msgs from him even at 11 pm. She felt kind of down.

She tried listening to some Bollywood songs, tried watching the game of thrones, tried scrolling through her subscriptions on youtube, opened Netflix, amazon prime to see any new shows, but none of them made her feel better.

And automatically she fell asleep. She was also chanting dua to meet a future husband. And next morning the bell rang, and it was Rajesh with his family to ask nagma for marriage.

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