Dua For Safety of Family 5/5 (18)

Dua For Safety of Family
Dua For Safety of Family

Dua For Safety of Family

Our Dua for safety of family and for protection of family can be use to protect family from evil eye. we also provide you dua to protect family from black magic for your full security. Dua for protection of family wealth health and self or to keep family together can be use for protection of house. You can use our dua for protection of children also.

First of all, all of us are continually worrying about the harms that can affect our families. Likewise, all the members should worry about the unseen injuries that can occur upon their family. Hence everybody should certainly take precautions to stop these hidden harms that are a real part of everyday life.

Dua For Safety of Family
Dua For Safety of Family


As a result, these unseen harms include jealousy, destructive envy, evil eye, black magic, and Jinns. while all of these are unexplainable harms we must be prepared. There is no medical remedy to prevent this. Hence, the problems will grow unless we seek help from Allah. For mercy and his protection.

First of the most excellent way to gain the lord’s protection is by reading the book of Allah., The prophet also used to look for refuge for himself with the almighty. Furthermore, The most beautiful thing to know is Qur’an is a cure for this problem.

If you often read it, your inner power to defend against these kinds of issues will undoubtedly grow. Above all, we must remember that everything happens with the permission of Allah. As a result, we must know that the harm that is upon our family or us is a trial for us. The trial is for getting close to Allah.

Dua For Protection of Family

Dua For Protection of Family, Here are a few Dua from Sunnah and Qur’an. These are most noteworthy due for protection of the family. Hence The Dua must be shared with all the family members.

Dua 1:

A’oodhubilLaahi min ash-Shaytaani-Rajeem

The Dua means that I am seeking refuge with Allah from Shaytan the Accursed. It is taken from Qur’an, Surah Nahl, Ayat 98

Dua 2:

Bismilaahiarqeeka min kullishay’inyudheeka, min sharrikullinafsin aw ‘ayninhaasidAllahuyashfeek, bismillaahiarqeek

This Dua means; in the name of Allah, I am performing raqyah for you. So may Allah heal you from everything that is harming you. From every soul or envious eye, Allah may heal you. With the name of Allah, I perform ruqyah for you.

Dua 3:

A’oodhu bi kalimaatAllaah al taammah min kullishaytaaninwahaammahwa min kulli ‘ayninlaammah

Which means: I am seeking refuge in this perfect world of Allah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and every evil eye.

Dua 4:

Bislillahilladhi la yadrru ma’ ismihishai’un fil-ardiwa-laafissamaa’Iwahuwa al- samee’ you al’-Aleem

This means: in the name of Allah. With his name, nothing or no one on the Earth or in heaven can cause you harm. He is the all-hearing, all-knowing.

Above all, if you recite this Dua three times in the morning, your family will not witness any problem for them till the evening. After that, recite this Dua three times in the evening to avoid all the calamity till the next morning.

Dua To Protect The Family From The Evil Eye

Dua To Protect The Family From The Evil Eye, To ensure the safety of your family. You certainly should preserve your family from the evil eye of your enemy and others.

The holy prophet Muhammad said in a hadith. The influences inflicted by an evil eye is real. If it precedes destiny. Destiny would be the influence of an evil eye.

Here are a few particular ways to ensure protection from the evil eye. First of all, Whenever you are with your family. Use phrases that glorify the all-knowing. Praising Allah will certainly ensure protection for your companion or family from the evil eye.

Dua 1:

A’A’udhu bi kalimatil-lahil- tammati, min kullishaitaninwahammah, wa min kulli ‘ayninlammah

The Dua means to seek refuge for all in the perfect world of Allah. From all the snakes and devil and evil eyes. This Dua was created by the prophet Muhammed for his children and grandchildren.

Dua 2:

Bismillahiarqika, min kullishay’inyu’dhika, min sharrikullinafsin aw’ aynin aw hasidin. Allahuyashfika, bismillahiarqika.

This excellent Dua means I am performing ruqyah for you, from everything that is trying to harm you. From the evil of all soul or envious eyes. May Allah heal you.

The angel Jibril made the prayer. It was performed on Muhammed due to he was sick. Although primarily the Dua heals sickness affected by evil eyes. It will also protect your family from evil eyes.

Finally, we should have faith in Allah and recite the holy Quran every day. It will undoubtedly protect evil eyes too.

Dua To Protect The Family From Black Magic

Dua To Protect The Family From Black Magic, The usage of black magic is still in contrast to our society. Due to that, we must know how to defend our companions and families.

To gain long term peace of mind and to protect the family, we must understand about Dua to protect the family from black magic.

 Dua 1:

A’oothubillaahiminsh-shaytaanir-rajeem. Allahulaa ‘ilaaha ‘illaaHuwal-Hayyul-Qayyoom. Laata’khutkuhusinatunwalaanawm. Lahumaafis-samaawaatiwamaa fil- ‘ardh. man thai-latheeyashfa’u ‘indhu ‘illaabi’ifhnih. Ya’lamumaabayna ‘aydeehimwamaakhalfahum. Waa laayuheetoonabishay’im-min ‘ilmihi ‘illaabimaashaa’a. wasi’akursiyyuhussamaawaatiwal’ardh. Wahlaaya’ooduhuhifdhuhumaa. Wahuwal- ‘Aliyyu ‘Adheem.

This dua means I am seeking refuge in Allah from Satan. Allah! There are unworthy worships. But Allah the ever-living can sustain all. Protects all the existence. Neither sleep nor slumber overtakes him. He is the owner of everything in the heavens and Earth. Who can intercede with him without his permission?

He knows what happens to everyone in the world and what will happen to everyone hereafter. They will never encompass anything of His knowledge except his wills. His thrones extend over heaven and earth. He feels no fatigue guarding and preserving them. He is the greatest.

Above all, recite this dua in the morning. It will protect you and your family from Black Magic and Jinns. Till the fall of the day. Similarly, at that time recite the dua again to gain protection from black magic till the next morning.

Finally, always praise Allah and recite Quran daily to gain protection for a family from every calamity that can befall upon.

Dua For Protection of Family, Wealth, Health And Self

Evil can come upon you and your family anytime. Moreover, it can be from an unseen world. Hence, you should use dua for protection of family, wealth, health and self.

In this regard, try these duas;

  • You should say Bismillah thrice in the morning. Also, do it thrice in the evening before sunset. Then, blow it on a bottle of water. Now, make everyone drink it. Allah will certainly keep your family safe from dangers. Your enemy cannot cause further troubles.
  • In the evening, read 1-time Durood or Salawat. Then, recite Surah Fatiha and ayat-ul-kursi each for once. Now, read Surah Ikhlas, Surah Kaafiroon, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas each for one time. Conclude with one time, Durood or Salawat. Next, draw an imaginary circle of protection around your loved ones. Do this daily.
  • Again, every day, recite a dua to end family problems. At first, recite any Durood for 11 times. Then, recite the dua for 141 times. Do it after your daily obligatory isha Sit in a quiet and clean place. Allah will surely bless you with health, wealth and happiness.
  • Furthermore, do this waifa before the 1st Friday of the Islamic month. Recite ayat-e-karima for 900 times. Also, read Durood-e-Shareef for 11 times in the beginning and at the end. You should visualize your spouse’s face in your mind. It will solve marital disputes.

As such, you should exercise dua for the protection of family, wealth, health, and self.

Dua To Keep Family Together

Dua to keep family together, will safeguard your loved ones from unwanted circumstances. Moreover, they will always be happy.

For this reason, learn these duas;

  • You should read Surah Fatiha with Aaujubillah and Bismillah Also, recite Surah Ikhlas with three times Bismillah. Then, read Surah Falaq and Surah Naas, each with Bismillah for once. Next, recite three times Durood Shareef. It will preserve the love and trust within the family members.
  • Again, you can recite Surah-al-Anfal for 11 times. Also, read Durood-e-Pak for 11 times at the start and the end. This is also a powerful dua to strengthen the love between family members. Thus, it will generate peace in your home.
  • At first, do fresh ablution. Then, begin your wazifa with Durood Shareef for ten times. Now, read Surah-al-Falaq and Surah-an-Naas. Also, chant Bismillah for 100 times. Do it continuously for 40 days. It will remove all the problems with your family. Hence, it will bring back love, happiness and peace into your family.
  • You can also recite Surah Kafiroon. Do it after Surah Hamd. You should also do your prayers regularly. Besides, all your family members should recite an appropriate ayat. They should do it in the morning and the evening. It is also a powerful dua to strengthen family bonds. Moreover, it gives you an immediate and long-lasting effect. However, you should not misuse it.

As such, you should promptly utilize the benefits of dua to keep the family together.

Dua For Protection of House

Dua for protection of the house will keep it secured. It will also remove the harmful effects of witchcraft, sorcery, jinn and black magic.

As such, consider these duas;

  • You can perform this amal Recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, and Surah Naas thrice a day. Then, blow it on a bottle of water. Next, spray it all over your house. You can also use a taweez. Nail it in your living room or bedroom. Within a few days, it will remove the evil effects of your house.
  • Again, recite Surah Fatiha and Surah-al-Baqrahfor 7 times each. Also, recite Surah-al-Imran, Surah-al-Araf, Surah Yunus, and Surah Taha. Do them each for seven times. Then, dry spit in a water bottle. Next, perform Azan sincerely. After that, read ayat-ul-kursi. Finally, sprinkle this ruqyah water in every corner of your house.
  • Furthermore, write ya, Allah, on the forehead of the building in 3 different places on big blocks. Besides, recite Surah Yasin. You can also use it as an amulet. These will safeguard your house from jinns and all kinds of evil. Moreover, you will get results within some days.
  • You can also write the 8th and 9th verses of Surah Yasin on four pieces of paper. Use a black marker. Recite them for 313 times on a new moon night. After that, keep them as a taweez. Use a hammer to nail them in the four corners of your house.

Therefore, you should use dua for the protection of the house.

Dua For Protection of Children

As a responsible parent, you should perform dua for the protection of children. It will keep them safe from all kinds of harm.

In this respect, apply these duas;

  • Recite Surah-al-Bukhari (4:119). Then. Blow it over your children in the morning and at night. Also, do it before you leave the house. You can also recite Surah-al-Ikhlas, Surah-al-Falaq, and Surah-an-Naas. Recite them into your hands. Finally, wipe them over your children’s faces before they sleep.
  • You should also recite ayat-ul-kursi. It is an essential verse of protection from Surah-al-Baqarah. Do it daily, along with your compulsory prayers. After that, blow it over your children. Allah will guard your children against Satan.
  • Furthermore, recite the 15th verse of Surah-al-A’hqaf. Besides, recite the 8th and 9th verses of Surah-al-Ghafir. Do these after your daily Fajr Also, do ya Nafil prayer cycle. Then, make a dua for children’s protection. Allah will certainly answer your sincere prayers.
  • You should even keep your children indoors before sunset. Do it 30 minutes before the start of Maghrib Also, keep them for 1 hour after it begins. You should also cover your food and drinks. Also, close the curtains and the doors at this time.
  • Again, teach the children toilet etiquettes. Stick suitable duas around the house for the children to see. Also, encourage them to memorize and learn them on their own. As a result, they can pray for themselves.

Thus, you should surely use dua for the protection of children.

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