Surah For Victory Over Enemy 4.84/5 (19)

Surah For Victory Over Enemy
Surah For Victory Over Enemy

Surah For Victory Over Enemy

Surah For Victory Over Enemy or for protection from enemy van be use to get rid of enemies. If you are really in trouble due to enemy then use our surah to destroy enemy and see result.

As long as humanity would exist, the existence of people will ill-mentality is inevitable. There are loads of reasons for you that can make you worry about your surroundings.

Friends are life; the exact opposite is true for enemies. Foes can destroy your happiness and ruin your reputation in many ways. This is why Surah for victory over the enemy is so important.

There were instances when someone had received a lucrative job opportunity at a respected company. However, when one of his neighbors came to know about such good news.

Surah For Victory Over Enemy
Surah For Victory Over Enemy

He started casting evil spells to make the newly employed person perish. This is nothing but hidden rage getting an opportunity to explore everything and express itself.

You would probably agree with the fact that spells; if practiced correctly, can generate tremendous results. Depending on the intention of the spell caster, you may experience some negative effects. Nevertheless.

Allah is with us at all times, and he monitors all the evil-doers and ensures no harm is brought onto his children. So, he created some of the sufficient verses and embedded into the pages of the Holy Quran. These pages are individually known as Surah.

Surah For Protection From The Enemy

Surah For Protection From Enemy, There are multiple Surahs in the Quran for gaining protection from enemies.  This surah for protection from enemies consists of Duas (prayers) and holy quotes.

At first, let’s talk about some application of the surah or the duas. If you are suffering from wrongdoings of the enemy and catastrophe has cast its dark shade over you. Then you must consider the holy power of the mighty to save you.

When you feel depressed, entangled, and frustrated, you must whether conscious or unconsciously seek the Almighty. The Entity is more merciful than a mother.

Everyone can seek ultimate refuge only in his embrace. You only need to accept his ways and be on the path he shows, and all your wishes will be right with his grace.

Know-How to apply Surah for protection from enemy

If you want to have the mighty on your side for gaining protection from enemies, you must do as it is described here;

  • If you know that your enemies are plotting something sinister against you or you know that you are going to be put in harm’s way and your enemies will do that. Then you need to Recite daily 100 times Dua’a 135. This will make all sinister and minimal plans go away. And you will be protected from enemies.


  • Also with reciting the dua, you can keep the surah (page of Quran) Dua’a 137. This surah; Al-Bara, needs to be held on the body at all time to remain safe physically from harm’s ways or plots of enemies. And the Surah al-Bara should be with you until the danger disappears.

Surah To Get Rid of Enemies

Surah To Get Rid of Enemies, After reading this, anyone can use surah and the dua’a within the surah to get rid of enemies.  In the words of the Almighty, true beauty lies in that heart, which is free of jealousy.

Nowadays, the conflict surrounding everything has grown so much that most of the people have jealousy rooted in their hearts except love. Whenever you achieve something, whether it is house, marriage, work, job, or business, there will always be someone lurking in jealousy.

If that jealous person is close to you, then you should make yourself ready for treason. In case you want to get rid of enemies properly; so that they leave you alone without doing any harm, you would want to seek help from God and have him beside you.

For doing that, you must follow some simple rules and simple paths to achieve what you desire.


Meaning of the same is: “Lord, I am surrounded by enemies. Kindly help me.”

The great Imam Musa bin Jafar Al Kazim said: “If someone is being oppressed, the person should recite this dua to get rid of his oppressor and the dua will also safeguard him.

There is no prescribed way so you can recite this dua as much as you to gain optimum effect. Also if you keep Surah Al-Bara on your body all the time, then the surah for victory over an enemy will help to get rid of enemies.

Surah To Destroy Enemy

Surah To Destroy Enemy, Everybody has enemies. At the time and age which everyone belongs, you have someone jealous of him. Or there is a person who wants to betray you.

Or there is someone who wants to harm you verbally or physically. Maybe someone is oppressing you, and you need the help of the mighty to get rid of your enemies. You need Surah to get rid of enemies.

You need to keep close the Surah Kausar for ultimate effect. It will surely get rid of your enemies. The ones that we have mentioned above are the perfect examples of surah to destroy enemies.

History has been a witness to events when even the best of friends turn into arch-rivals and start attempting to destroy the very person whom he once cared for. Human beings are so unpredictable that we cannot expect what he would respond next.

The person sitting next to you can bring onto you some destructive circumstances that you might not have anticipated. We believe that being aware of the surah for protection from the enemy should prove useful in saving you from the wrath of foes.

More often than not, certain spells can backfire and cause you to perish. In these situations, things might go out of your control. To avoid such an instance, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced Maulana or Peer Baba.

Their valuable wisdom and effective techniques shall bring forth the best results for you. Stay happy and get rid of your potential enemies. All of the surah for victory over an enemy that we have mentioned above is considered to be the most effective surah for protection from the enemy.

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