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Dua For Love Between Family Members
Dua For Love Between Family Members

Dua For Love Between Family Members

Dua for love between family members will improve love between mother and daughter, it will also increase love between father and son. so chant this dua and get love between siblings.

Life is lovely, and everyone wants it to be like it always. They do not want anything to spoil it, but everything doesn’t happen the way we want it to happen. Even people with the strongest bonds like blood relations end up having conflicts. It all starts with disagreements over some issues, and it takes no time to spoil the relationships.

Dua For Love Between Family Members
Dua For Love Between Family Members

There is this baba very well known in Jharkhand area. People also call him baba. 35-year-old spiritual soul with a lot of knowledge and experience. Living in a small village, he treats people. He is famous for dissolving family issues. He gives dua for love between family members to people, and people see the problems going. They don’t fight with each other anymore. They suddenly start agreeing on every aspect they were fighting for earlier. Here is that dua:

‘Wazil-e-aalam qaban elaahi shuebt-el-kulukhulam shad bahaim ul’khalaid el’umaid shahkham-e-jabair jubairi’el khadum’shaz ebahi’el shadum pakair’el.’

Meaning, ‘Hey Allah! The most beneficent, I praise you for being a source of happiness and love. Spread the same love among my family members and strengthen our bond. Let love flow from all the blood that we share among us.’

People starting believing in this baba and thus got known to many other people. So, many people began coming to him. Most of them had family problems. He often used to give this dua for love between family members and their problem used to get solve within 15 days.

Dua For Love Between Mother And Daughter

The relation between mother and daughter is exceptional and beautiful. Mother teaches her daughter many aspects of how to behave. Daughter gives her mother company on multiple occasions. She helps her with cooking and all other housekeeping work. And one day the daughter goes to her husband’s house leaving her mother in great sorrow and sometimes loneliness too.

Every daughter thinks that she should not have any quarrels with her mother but ultimately it is a life and things do happen between the two that might not be welcomed otherwise by either of them. So at such times, the daughter can use this dua for love between mother and daughter:

‘Al kabeeb mamanu shubadi’kr shadem ubantu khabiz qutub shabibi shatum’ el magain-el-shabani chutukum’siar sitik’ ur chataibi qabari’el’

Meaning, Hey Allah! My mother is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. She is the most important for me after you. Let the flow of love be flowing between us, and we should never depart.

If mother and daughter tend to live in harmony, there would be no happier family because both females are like pillars of the family, psychological as well as operational. Because these are the two people, who carry out day to day work that requires in a family, they are also attached emotionally in a closed manner with other male members of the family.

So, if anything goes wrong between these two, affects other family members adversely. Thus maintaining a healthier relationship between these two is significant. Females also tend to have mood swings, so it is very probably to quarrel with them. This dua for love between mother and daughter would help to build a stronger bond.

Dua For Love Between Father And Son

Son is the most precious thing a father can ever have. And if that is his first child then the love triples. But sometimes due to teenage, or generation gap or money or son’s wife, things might get bitter. And it is essential to have a good relationship between these most critical family members. You can use this dua for love between father and son:

‘Waqifa Muhammad bairi-al-madhadum Zubair-al-shabahij shatamadim shizad wazifa-el-nakhadum waqif khubadum shadabad al-azair kair’ shiz qkatar.’

It translates something like this, Hey the most forgiving! Hey Allah, you gave me a wonderful son. I am so thankful to you. Hey ocean of love, sprinkle some love on us (so that) we should never develop hatred between us.

Father requires the son to understand and obey him because most of the times son do not realize what he is doing or about to do. If there is love, then out of love, people tend to do many things which they don’t see dim fit logically by themselves.

Furthermore, these two male family members earn bread and butter for the family. Also, they tend to hold more power than female members so, a peace between them is always desired by all the family members.

In the teenage, sons are naive, and they make mistakes. They don’t even realize that they are doing mistake. Furthermore, when the father goes to correct them, they add up to the mess by being rude, (or sometimes) arrogant to them, which could be disheartening for a father. That is why this dua for love between father and son would help you a lot.

Dua For Love Between Siblings

Mother and father are always happy to have multiple children. They feel fulfilled in their family. But it is like a nightmare when they have to resolve an issue between the children. Whatever you say, you run the risk of making the other gloomy. That is why this dua for love between siblings would help you a lot.

‘Shizab ustallah mukhtallah ibbahi alam shahz el’shabeb elaahi shukhadum chettar-al-qabeel khatair jamaile karr’kareem musafa ebaahi kalam qazab’al zubair.’

It means that, Hey paravdigaar! Hey, master of all, you bestowed us two gems in our life. Our children are everything to us. Keep them together (always). Grace them with your shower of love so that they will never go away from each other.

Parents would never want their children to fight among each other. It is a different work for parents to settle down the difficult situations between their children. The last thing any parents would want to see is their children being away from each other.

Every parent wants their kids to stand for each other, help each other and be with each other for this entire journey of life. The peace among them also is in their greater interest if parents are old because for many significant aspects they are dependent on their kids.

This is dua for love between siblings has been proved to be very strong, powerful and effective. It has helped many couples or even single parents to establish peach among their kids.

No matter what stage of parenthood you are in, this would undoubtedly turn out to be an excellent solution for you in terms of disputes.

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