Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

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Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad, A man and women when marrying their only wish are to give birth to a loving, caring and sincere child. They start their married life to continue the future name for their family. All parents wish to have an obedient child.

Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad
Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

They make every effort to make their son would become so sincere and honest; they cannot even deny their only rules and regulations in their family.  should obey them, their all laws also if that were a small thing to get for them like a needle or the significant work.

The parents see their future in their children. They see them as their only shoulder in their old age. Parents have many hopes for their children. It is natural because they have given sacrifice for them.

Ubqari Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

have made their day and night one, to give, better education, life and healthy lifestyle to their children. They are investing their hard earned money on them. They take care of every choice of their children; one most thing is that they are doing all this without any latch.

They provide their son daughter every facility. In Islam, Allah has given the command to every person or an individual to respect their parents. Be obedient to their parents.  Allah said in Quran that the Jannah lies at the feet of Mother.

further Allah says that father is the door of Jannah. If a person did not respect their parents, he becomes poor and had to face several hardships in this world.

Islamic Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

After this world, the azab will ore dangerous and demanding of those persons. It has been revealed by Islam that there is several reasons why your child did not respect you:

  • You have made their growth on haram riziq
  • You have not given the proper guidance of Islam and its teachings
  • Not have taught them morality
  • Not paying too much attention to them. In which company of friends they are playing, reading and studying.
  • Not giving them proper food
  • Not looking at their expenses where they use this money or how they earn this.

A parent who has not is not looking towards these things mentioned above. They have to face the problems of their children. They should be aware that if their son or daughter wishes cannot be fulfilled the outcome will be dangerous. Parents have to take in mind also that they only full those desires of their children which are beneficial for them not harmful.

Best Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

So the ultimate thing about this story is that it depends upon parents how they think their child would become in the future. If they give them good teaching, the child grows obedient and faithful, respectful and will achieve success in his/ her life.

Now the question arises that when your child has become disobedient what to do

If you have given your child good teaching and has given them a good environment from their child, hold they did not fall prey to bad behavior and id not become respectful towards you. Now if you see that your child Is not respecting you all members of the family, your relatives. So in these conditions, you should pray to Allah for his/her excellent guidance so that they will move towards you and on the path of goodness.

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Allah has created every disease with a cure. There is no disease in the world which has no cure. If the person is waiting for some time and maintains patience, everything will be fine for him/ her. If your Child has become disobedient do the below Wazifia:

  • First of all, do Wadu
  • Recite the Ayat 58 of Surah Yaseen Salamun Qasim Mir Rabbir Raheem at 817 times on any sweet thin
  • Give this sweet thing or water to your child and repeat this for consecutively for 40  days
  • The recitation of this Ayat should be done after Aisha

Insha Allah this will make your child your faithful son/ daughter again. He/ she will start respecting you. He/she will begin to obey you. The anger of your child will be moved away from his/her mind. They will start recognizing your every command.

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